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dbeilt is a unique fibreglass trailer designed to meet the needs of classic vehicle enthusiasts who like to use their cars regularly including road trips and holidays. The shape is inspired by the old Wolfsburg trailers and suits the luscious curves of many original and modern classics. You can choose from one of our limited edition specials or let us paint it to suit your pride and joy.

In 2006, following a camping trip to Italy, we met many Dutch & Belgian campers who seemed to favour some very sleek looking moulded fiberglass trailer tents. This got us thinking about building a fiberglass trailer along the lines of a roof box on wheels. With this in mind I looked to modern car designs for inspiration, nothing really struck a cord; in all honesty it was probably never going to. You see that's not what floats my boat; I prefer something a little older, a little curvier.

It wasn't until 2007 when I read an article about Westfalia and noticed a small black n white picture of a Wolfsburg trailer from the 1950's being towed behind a VW Beetle. That was it, the inspiration we were looking for. Being a long time Volkswagen fan it wasn't too difficult a decision to make, do I go for a non descript fairly mundane shape inspired by a roof box or something a little different, the Wolfsburg really appealed to me and the rest of the team and so we began, with a working name of the "Wolfy Trailer."

Following some research into trailer sizes, we looked at various options and found the most usable size would have a body size of roughly 5' X 3' X 2' high. With these dimensions in mind we set about designing the body and chassis configuration. The brief was to have a trailer inspired by the original Wolfsburg one. Unlike the original we wanted to use fiberglass for the body, which allowed for greater flexibility in the final shape and size, also to build it with more curvaceous lines and incorporate a more secure opening and locking lid.

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